Watch: Bystanders Scramble To Avoid Being Hit By A Speeding Boat

A tourist filming a whale-watching boat returning to harbor ended up capturing a moment of panic as the ship crashed at high speed into the docks.

The ship, the Adventure Hornblower, was pulling up to San Diego's Embarcadero docks, but couldn't slow down for some reason. On land, passengers who were waiting to board the ship quickly realized something was wrong, rushing to get out of the boat's path.

Pay close attention to the elderly woman in the red outfit, and watch how narrowly  she avoids being hit.

More than 144 people were on the huge ship when it slammed into the docks, but thankfully only 7 people were injured.

One woman told the LA Times she felt "like we were coming in a little hot," but before she could do anything the boat had already crashed.

Just look at the shocking aftermath of this accident and think how lucky everyone was to avoid being seriously hurt.

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