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Cameraman Approached By Wild Rhino, He Can't Believe What It Does

When you are out in the wilderness trying to capture the amazing things that animals do, it can be a little intimidating. These animals are wild and you can't really predict how they are going to act.

Turns out, they act a lot like your dog or cat. South African cameraman Garth de Bruno Austin was out filming wild animals and apparently they became completely accustomed to his presence. So much so, that one rhino walked right up to him!

The rhino wasn't just checking out what he was doing either, it wanted some good ol' belly rubs and wasn't afraid to lean into it!

The rhino was happy while the cameraman looked totally shocked that this was happening. Could you imagine petting a while rhino? Crazy!

Would you panic if a while rhino walked up to you? Rhinos need love too!

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