There's A Soldier Hiding In This Viral Photo, Can You Spot It?

Daily Mail

The superpower of any army is their ability to blend into their surroundings.

If that fails, then the army has less chance of survival.

The picture below, which was posted on the British Army's Twitter account by a Section Commander's Battle Course in Wales, proved that the Army's camouflage tactics weren't perfected enough.

Despite the misty image, the soldier in the picture below can be spotted easily.

In the caption, they wrote: "Camouflaged in woodland on the Section Commander's Battle Course in Wales... can you spot the soldier in this image?"

Keep in mind that an enemy should be able to locate their target in only a few seconds in order to ensure their own survival. So can you find the soldier in only a few seconds?

If that was easy, try to spot the camouflaged Marine in the photo below.

Keep going to see the answers!

Did you notice the soldier's helmet?

Military cross holder, James Deegan, commented on the tweet: "Yep rear pouch undone slight shine from his mess tin. Failure to get basics right get you clipped."

Other followers also commented that the soldier's "helmet gives him away."

Was spotting the Marine harder? He's crouched down on the right, surrounded by mostly dry vegetation.

How fast were you able to spot the soldier and the marine? Let us know in the comments! Share this with a friend and see if they can spot it faster than you!

[Source: Daily Mail]

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