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Can I Be Your Mommy? Gentle Akita Just Wants To Cuddle Her New Kitten

Lily the 10-year-old Akita was walking in the woods with her owner when the two heard a strange noise coming from the ground nearby.

Lorrie is a retired shop owner whose big dog Lily guarded the shop for years before the two retired. While on a walk in the woods of a local park, the two came across a heartbreaking surprise.

A two-week-old kitten had been abandoned in the woods near a busy highway. With no mother cat to be found, Lorrie suspected that the kitten had been dropped there by someone who didn't it.

Luckily for the lost little one, Lily and Lorrie decided to take her home and try to feed her. Although she was nowhere near weaned, the Humane Society and the Broward County Animal Control offices had no room for the starving kitten. If Lorrie left her there, she would be euthanized.

So, back she went to Lorrie and Lily's house to be hand-fed and raised with her new dog-mom's cuddles.

Although the plan was to find a home for the little kitten, Lorrie suspects that she won't be able to separate their new little family.

"Much to my surprise, Lily has adopted the kitten!" Lorrie told the Daily Mail that Lily never had puppies of her own, but she seems to know exactly what to do: "She comes and gets me when needs to be fed and watches to make sure I do it right."

"I think Lily wants to keep her and I think in a month's time she may get her wish."

We hope so - these two are to cute to separate!