Can You Ace This Grade School Geography Quiz?


No matter how long ago you graduated, we can all remember sitting in a geography class while the teacher pointed to each country and listed their capital city. While world travelers can rattle these off with ease, sometimes the rest of us have to double-check that Washington is the capital of the U.S. and not New York. If you're in that category, this quiz might be a little tricky.

While it's easy to remember that London is the capital of England and Paris is the capital of France, some capital cities are a little trickier.

See if you can pick out the real capital from the commonly confused city, then check the next page for more on the answers!

How did you do? Compare your score on the next page and find out why you were tripped up.

We'll grade this test a little easier than your teachers would: if you scored 0-3 points you're a dunce, if you scored 4-8 points you're at the top of the class, and if you managed to score 9 or 10 points consider yourself the valedictorian. Don't feel bad if your score is lower than you expected, these capitals trip everyone up, and for good reason.

We like to think that the biggest city in a country is bound to be its capital, but we should know from our own example that it isn't the case. Ankara, Canberra, and Belmopan are smaller than the cities they're mistaken for. In fact, Ottawa is only Canada's 4th-largest city.

Other capitals just can't compete with the popularity of more famous cities. Geneva is known for the United Nations and the Red Cross while Bern is mostly just known for being the capital of Switzerland.

And when it comes to smaller European countries, good luck remembering them. People mistake Brussels for the capital of the Netherlands all the time, even though it's in Belgium!

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