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Can You Find The Corgi In Each Of These Pictures?

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Get ready for the best hide-and-seek game you've ever played in your life.

Franklin, an 8-year-old corgi, has become an internet sensation after deciding he didn't want to end his walk one day.

"One day on our way home from our morning walk he 'hid' behind a light pole because he wasn't ready to go home," Melissa Looney, Franklin's mom, said. "I took a photo and shared it with my friends, and then began sharing his daily attempts to hide on our walks, and the game was born."

Now, the two play hide-and-seek on a daily basis, with Looney posting a picture of Franklin's preferred hiding spot that day.

See if you can find Franklin in these pictures! Some are easier than others...

Where's Franklin?
Where's Franklin?

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