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Can You Find The Secret Behind This Magical Video?

The best magicians tell you that they're going to fool you before they perform their trick, then challenge you to figure out just how they did it.

That's what filmmaker Eran Amir does with this short video called "This Video is not in Reverse." It sounds simple, but you'll have a hard time believing that title when you see the incredible things that happen.

Amir uses some very clever trickery to make this video seem like it's being rewound, but if you look closely you can spot a few clues. We won't spoil any more for you, just try and figure out this mind-bending video for yourself:

Do you think you know how he pulled off most of those tricks? We'll give you another chance to guess how he pulls it all off with another version of the same video.

"This Video is in Reverse" is the same video, except this time everything looks "normal," even though it's actually reversed. Feeling confused yet? I sure am.

Alright, take a moment to make one last guess about some of the tricks in this video because we're about to reveal Amir's secrets.

This behind-the-scenes video shows the hard work that went in to this crazy video. Notice how so much of the video involves fishing lines? It proves you don't need fancy digital effects to make magic, just some old-fashioned know-how.

If you want to see more of Amir's work, he has a website that features lots of weird videos like this one.

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