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Can You Guess Where These Pictures Were Taken? 90% Of People Will Get This Wrong

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Just seeing the iconic shape of the Eiffel Tower conjures up such romantic feelings. Everyone has imagined strolling down the Champs Champs-Élysées and taking in the sights along the way. So you might be surprised to learn that this picture doesn't show the Eiffel Tower. Look closer, there are a few clues hiding in plain sight.

For one thing, the fountain in this picture shouldn't be there, it's from the Luxembourg Garden in Paris, and you can't see the tower from there. So where are we?


Any guesses? Here's one more hint: the tower you're looking at is 6,000 miles away from the real thing.

Think you know what you're looking at now?

If this quiz is just too easy for you, here's a REALLY hard one to try.

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