Can You Guess Which Golden Era Hollywood Hunk This Kid Turned Into?

The Golden Era of Hollywood will never be topped. We got classic movies like Gone With The Wind, Casablana, Singin' In The Rain and so much more.

Part of the reason the Golden Era is so memorable is the list of actors that came from that period of time.

But how well do you really know these special actors? Can you name the guy who's in this baby picture?


Here's a couple hints:

  • He was known for wearing bow ties a lot.
  • He had a lisp.
  • He died when he was just 57 years old.
  • Would smoke 40 cigarettes a day.

Figured it out yet?


Why, it's Humphrey Bogart of course!

The beloved Hollywood heartthrob was just as cute later in life as he was when he was a kid!

Did you guess right?