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Can You Spot Momo? Border Collie and Photographer Have Amazing Travel Adventures Together

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This is Momo.

Momo and his favorite human, photographer Andrew Knapp, have been traveling from coast to coast in a quest of adventure and beautiful photographs.

They live and work out of their trusty VW camper van as they tour the United States and Canada.

Momo and Andrew had a dream of exploring Canada's Appalachian Mountains, and that's exactly where their adventure took them.

They met wonderful people as they traveled through quiet mountain villages. And they did what they do best, take photos with Momo hidden somewhere in the frame. Can you spot him?

Did you spot him hiding in the bushes to the left of the door? Sneaky puppy.

Andrew and Momo had a great trip through New Brunswick, and they have the pictures to prove it!

Andrew and Momo have put together books of their adventures together, travelling across 25 U.S. states to capture images of settings from Fremont Street in Las Vegas to Grand Central Station in New York.

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