Can You Spot The Difference? An 'Eye Opening' Miracle Has Been Reported In A Jerusalem Church

With Easter just days away, a miraculous occurrence has been reported at The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

The church, which is known as Golgotha by some, is built over the exact site of Christ's crucifixion. Pilgrims flock to the church to pray at the altar where the Lord's cross was placed in the ground. To commemorate this, a huge crucifix icon hangs behind the altar, depicting Christ with his eyes closed.

On March 29, 2017, something unusual happened. Witnesses claim they saw the eyes of the Christ open and remain that way for a day before they closed again. Bystanders even snapped photos of the miracle, so you can see for yourself.

Here's what the Golgotha crucifix usually looks like:

Harsh1.0 Flickr
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Here's what it supposedly looked like at the time of the miracle:

Father Theodore Daoud, Facebook
Father Theodore Daoud, Facebook

In the second set of photos, at least one of the eyes on the icon appear to be open.

Fr. Theodore Daoud wrote on his Facebook page: “The miraculous event occurred this past Wednesday before the eyes of many priests and visitors, including my friend Archimandrite Malateus Basal whose friend took the pictures, who assured me of what happened in detail, which is that the eyes of the crucified Christ on the icon—which are always closed—remained open throughout the day.”

So...are the photos real, Photoshopped, or taken at just the right angle? We aren't quite sure, but Fr. Daoud provides some perspective about the incident.

"Miracles allowed by God’s love strengthen our weak faith, but they are not the reason for our faith. Our faith goes deeper than that," he wrote. "We have seen God in the flesh, we have heard Him, we have eaten with Him, and we witnessed His Crucifixion, His Death, His Resurrection and His Ascension to Heaven. The greatest miracle which is far underappreciated occurs in every Divine Liturgy, where bread and wine are transformed to the Body and Blood of Christ. Let us always be mindful of this.

We look at this miracle and all miracles as a sign from God to strengthen our faith and to remember the Divine Love of the One who died on the cross for our sins. May we repent and prepare ourselves for a true Holy Week and Resurrection."

Let us know what you think! Could this "miracle" be true or do you think it needs more evidence?

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