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Can You Spot The Differences In Less Than One Minute? Most People Can't

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The best part about the Sunday paper was the brain teaser that required you to spot the differences in two pictures that looked exactly alike.

Some sets of photos were so easy that it made you want to fling the paper across the room because they weren't challenging enough, and other sets felt like whoever made these slight changes in these photos were playing a game on us.

"Spot the differences" or the "photo hunt game" is great for testing and improving your visual perception.

Here are six images that will really challenge you, because you only have less than one minute to spot all the differences!

Keep in mind that there's only three differences in each photo. Can you spot them all?

The answers are at the end!

1. The Beach

2. The Closed Patio

3. Tigers

Are you having difficulty? Try and transpose the images together in your mind and see what happens!

4. Fruit

5. Macaws

6. Carousel

Are you ready for the answers?

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