Canadian Trivia That Most Americans Have No Clue How To Answer

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Who doesn't love a good trivia challenge? Apparently Americans when it comes to questions concerning our neighbor in the Great White North, Canada. It's not our fault, really, how often to we find ourselves intertwined with Canadians on any level? Regardless, they are our largest trading partner, and our closest ally. And as far as neighbors go we lucked out pretty well; if Mexico is the frat house next door, then Canada is the young professional couple raising two well behaved kids. Maybe we should try and learn a little something about them, they know all about us.

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If we really want to know how much we know about our neighbors, there is no better way to gauge this then with some clips from Jeopardy (which by the way is hosted by Canadian Alex Trebek). Here is a clip of us trying to answer questions about Canadian cities.

Here one contestant manages to get a Canadian question correct after her other two competitors strike out on their attempts.  

It isn't just Jeopardy contestants that have trouble with Canadian trivia. Numerous people have created videos of themselves interviewing Americans about what they know about their Canadian neighbors. Some of the answers are surprising.

How much do you know about Canada?

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