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Cancer Stole Her Hair But Her Adorable Kitten Knew Just What To Do

Imgur / My Kitten Totoro

Sometimes heaven sends angels to help us get through our toughest times. For one brave woman, her little angel came in the form of a sweet grey kitten.

The special little lady was born in a barn early in the spring and when she was discovered playing with three other litter mates, they had no idea of the special role she was about to play.

Say hello to little Totoro!

Imgur user mykittentotoro, was diagnosed with breast cancer and as the disease progressed and treatment became more aggressive, she began to look for ways to help her cope.

That's when a friend suggested kitten therapy!

Deciding that it was worth a try, she and her fiancé paid a visit to a nearby farm after hearing about the new litter of kittens.

Every few days since, they went back to visit the kittens. She instantly fell head over heels for one very special fur baby - Totoro!

"It was really therapeutic for me while I was wrapping my head around everything going in my life," she told Love Meow

Right after she had her lumpectomy, her fiancé drove out to the barn and adopted little Totoro. As if she knew that she was destined to be part of the family, the little cat settled into the home and was easily accepted by their two older cats.

"She took to our home immediately, even though she had lived in a barn and free-roaming her entire life,"  the new kitten mama gushed.

Totoro gets along with everyone in the family, but she especially loves her human mom. As the cancer treatment progressed, the little kitten made sure to keep her new mama company.

"She loves perching on shoulders, kneading, purring loudly… and batting your eyelashes while you're sleeping," Totoro's human mom said.

As if she can truly sense her human mother's struggle, little Totoro keeps a close watch over her at bedtime.

Every night, Totoro climbs up onto the bed and snuggles down on the pillow right next to her human mama's head to keep her warm.

"She has been such a positive healing force in my life, even in the short time she has been in it. The timing was somehow perfect, and we are so lucky to have found her," Totoro's human mom said.

We wish her all the best and a speedy recovery!