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Cancer Survivor Wants Her Story To Be A Warning To Other Women

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Common symptoms of headache, fatigue, bloating, cramping and general body aches are typically ignored by most people, as it is often lack of sleep, water, food or exercise that causes it.

For Carla Bradbury, the stomach pains she was feeling was a sign of something much more serious.

The 46-year-old didn't think anything of the pain in her gut when it came on.

"I was given a Sodastream for my birthday and thought that my stomach pains were coming from having too much fizzy water, so I didn't go to the doctors straight away," she says. "I also experienced spotting between periods — which I thought was down to hormones."


After the stomach pains persisted, she went to see her doctor who examined her and gave her a smear test. Once the smear came back with an abnormal result, it led to further investigation.

After further testing, Bradbury's worst fears were confirmed.

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