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99% Of People Can't Pass This Test - Can You Name These Famous Faces?

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So you think you're a celebrity buff? You've seen nearly every episode of all the hit shows on TV, you are the first in line to the latest movie as it comes to theaters, and trivia contests don't let you compete anymore because you always win?

Then let's see if you can guess where you have seen these familiar faces before!

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How about this tall, dark, and handsome figure?


Oh yeah he's from....wait. Wasn't he on an episode of Grey's Anatomy? Or, no. Maybe 30 Days of Night?

Or this stunning starlet whose rise to fame has been almost unnoticed?


Ah ha! She's the singer from, I mean back up dancer to... Geeze, was she on The 100?

This heartthrob that a surprising few amount of women will recognize. Do you?


Didn't you see him on that talk show recently for a book/movie/album release?

This is a hairstyle that only true fashion lovers will pick up on


She is definitely a sister to a famous...model? Right? Or married to a country music star?

His grin seems a little off, does he usually smile this much?


With all the scandals that have happened this year, have we forgotten him?

Maybe people outside of America will have a hard time remembering where they saw this face for the first time


Wait! That's totally Enya's daughter! Unless, no, it can't be....

Ready to find out who they really are? Turns out, they all share one thing in common...

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