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Caramel Apples In A Jar Make Adorable Fall Gifts


Nothing screams fall food like a delicious caramel apple. They're crunchy, sticky, and sweet, and are so much fun to eat!

Give your friends and family their own individual caramel apple making kits for Thanksgiving this year! All you need are mason jars, caramels, mini M&Ms and apples. It's a super easy gift that everyone will love.  If you're looking for other gift ideas, check out Gift Glide.


  • 8 oz wide-mouth mason jars
  • Individually wrapped caramels
  • Small apples
  • Mini M&Ms
  • String
  • 1 tsp water


Add your Mini M&Ms and Caramels into your mason jar and secure the lid.


Place two strands of string under the mason jar.


Place your apple on the lid of the mason jar and secure using the string.


If these are gifts, you can stop here! Read below for how to make the caramel apples.

To make the caramel apple, untie the string, remove the apple, and unwrap the caramels.

Add the unwrapped caramels and 1 tsp of water to a small bowl. Microwave until melted.

Push a cake pop stick into the base of your apple and roll the apple in the melted caramel.


Next, roll the caramel coated apple into the Mini M&Ms (you can use other toppings if you like).


Your apple is now ready to eat!

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