Caramel M&M's Are Hitting Store Shelves Soon, Get Your Tastebuds Ready!

First they were chocolate-filled, then peanut butter, followed by pretzel and now caramel! These tasty bite-sized morsels are a treat for your taste-buds thanks to the growing line of flavors wrapped in a chocolate candy coating.

Mars has announced it's newest addition and you will be able to take it home next month!

Set to hit store shelves in May, this is expected to be the biggest product launch in the brand's history, which will now have permanent residence status in stores.

After a taste-test, you may or may not be encouraged to try this new addition to the M&M's family.

"A few of us sat around popping the new caramel M&M’s into our mouths and chewing in silence. Finally, a chorus of pleased “hmm’s” arose. The candies are on the larger side, akin to the peanut butter flavor, and contain a chewy core of caramel inside the typical layers of chocolate and shell. The caramel is denser and chewier than the closest candy alternative, Milk Duds, and has a slight salty aftertaste," wrote Food & Wine Magazine.

What do you think? Will you pick up a bag when they come out?