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Carrie Underwood Opens Up About Suffering Multiple Miscarriages In Emotional Interview

Three-and-a-half years after welcoming her first child, Isaiah, with her hockey player husband Mike Fisher, country superstar Carrie Underwood announced that she is expecting her second child.

The American Idol winner revealed the big news in a video posted on Twitter in early August.

"You might be wondering or asking, 'Carrie, why is your tour starting in May?'" the singer said before the camera zooms out to reveal balloons spelling out the word "BABY."

"Yay! Mike and Isaiah and I are absolutely over the moon and excited to be adding another little fish to our pond," Underwood shared. "This has just been a dream come true with [the] album and with baby news, we're just so excited and just so glad you guys can share in this with us and be a part of this with us."

However, the road to her recent pregnancy wasn't an easy one for the "Cry Pretty" singer. She recently revealed that she suffered a few pregnancy loses over the last year.

During an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Underwood opened up about her multiple miscarriages, revealing that that she experienced the first one in 2017.

"I’d kind of planned that 2017 was, you know, going to be the year that I work on new music, and I have a baby,” Underwood explained. “We got pregnant early 2017, and didn’t work out.”

She admitted that her faith played a big role in helping her cope with the loss.

"In the beginning, it was like, ‘Okay, God, we know this is, just wasn’t Your timing. And that is all right. We will bounce back and figure our way through it,'” she said.

But her faith was shaken a bit when she suffered a second miscarriage that same year, and a third in 2018. She said she felt "afraid to be angry," as she and Fisher have already been "so blessed" with their "amazing" son, and a strong support system.

"My son, Isaiah, is the sweetest thing. And he’s the best thing in the world. And I’m like, ‘If we can never have any other kids, that’s okay, because he’s amazing.’ And I have this amazing life. Like, really, what can I complain about? I can’t. I have an incredible husband, incredible friends, an incredible job, an incredible kid. Can I be mad? No."

Underwood became pregnant for the fourth time, but it wasn't without complications. But this time, when she felt that she was about to lose another baby, she "got mad."

"I was just sobbing, and I was like, 'Why on Earth do I keep getting pregnant if I can’t have a kid?,'" she recalled asking God one evening, as she cuddled Isaiah. "Like, what is this? Shut the door. Like, do something. Either shut the door or let me have a kid."

"And for the first time, I feel like I actually I told God how I felt," she added. “That was like a Saturday — and the Monday I went to the doctor to, like, confirm, another miscarriage. And they told me everything was great! He heard me."

This interview marks the first time that Underwood has talked about her struggle with pregnancy loss, but she has previously discussed the possibility of having more kids. At the time, she said that she felt as though she "missed her chance."

"I’m 35, so we may have missed our chance to have a big family," she said at the time. "We always talk about adoption and doing it when our child or children are a little older."

After living through the trauma of miscarriages as well as a nasty fall that ended up in a broken wrist and dozens of stitches on her face, Underwood turned to the one thing that never failed her: music.

She explained that through writing she was able to channel all her feelings and move past the negative things.

"Cause I would literally have these horrible things going on in my life, and then have to go smile and, like, do some interviews or, like, do a photo shoot or something, you know? So it was just kind of, like, therapeutic, I guess,” she explained.

Now, things are better than ever for the Sunday Night Football theme song singer. She is preparing to release a new album, go on tour and receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week.

We're glad Underwood had decided to be open and frank about an experience that so many women go through. She's also given so many women hope that things do get better even if they start out hard.

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