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Man Was Followed Home By A Stray Cat, But When It Wouldn't Leave His Side He Knew What He Had To Do

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Stray cats are not an uncommon sight, unfortunately. Too often, cats are left to fend for themselves with no one to guard them. While this might be okay during the warmer months, winter is a whole other story.

The cats hardly seem to mind, however, as they get to roam around and see new people every day. It seems as though some of these strays do want to find a forever home, though, and that's exactly what Socks set out to do.

Connor Manning spoke to The Dodo about his story with Socks, and how the loving cat chose her new home. Manning says he was walking home one night and was in a bad mood, dealing with a bad breakup. Socks appeared out of nowhere, and Manning decided to say hello. The stray cat jumped into Manning's lap and demanded love and attention.

“After about five minutes, I started getting up to head home and she was SUPER scared,” Manning said. “So I crouched down and she ran right over to me again. And we repeated this process for about four blocks until we were on my porch.”

Socks came inside Manning's house to explore a little bit before realizing the outdoors was more her style.

The Dodo
The Dodo

Manning had plans with a friend that night, but he decided to leave out a bed and some water for his new friend on the front porch, hoping she would choose to stay.

But when Manning came home, Socks wasn't there.

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