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Man Was Followed Home By A Stray Cat, But When It Wouldn't Leave His Side He Knew What He Had To Do

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He figured the cat had just gone on her way, but about an hour later he heard something.

“I heard the tiniest meows from my door and she came back and I nearly died it was so cute,” Manning said.

The Dodo

From that moment forward, Manning and Socks were inseparable.

The six-month-old kitten was now safe and happy. As for Manning, well he was a little more sneezy.

“I'm, like, super allergic to cats,” Manning said. “My family had to get rid of one when I was little because of it. Driving home from our first vet trip, my throat started to close up, so at that point for my own safety I decided I'd give her to someone else.”

But after a little bit of searching, Manning realized that Socks already had a home: his.

The Dodo

“I was in love,” Manning said. “After a few days of having allergy medicine in my system, I started feeling fine! So, she was home!”

The Dodo

Socks was officially adopted and has been with Manning for two months, now. She's settling into her home quite nicely, but she's still scared when a door opens to the outside world. She's probably scared that she'll have to go back, but with someone like Manning taking care of her, it doesn't sound like that will happen.

Have you ever adopted a stray cat?

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