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Cat Comes Across The Sleeping Dog, What He Does Will Melt Your Heart

Have you ever been hanging out with someone who is just so tired that they fall asleep? Whether it's a friend or your partner, sometimes you just wish they would stay awake.

This cat has that exact issue when his best buddy falls asleep on him even though he obviously has a lot of things he has to say.

The sweet cat just keeps on headbutting the dog over and over, hoping it would be enough to wake him. When it proves to be ineffective, he starts trying to poke at him with his paws but nothing seems to work.

At one point he even rolls over as if to show that he is super ready to play, but nothing seems to work.

Finally he gives up and curls up next to his buddy. If he can't get what he wants, at least he can still be close to the one he loves!

Watch this video because it will 100% renew your faith in the world.

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