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Cat Caught Continuously Breaking Into The Library, And Now The Internet Can't Get Enough Of Him

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Knowledge is power, and one of the best places you can use to gain more of it is your public library.  

While they have seen a decline in these past few years with fewer people visiting their hallowed halls, it seems that there are some felines who are trying to take advantage of the lull in the popularity. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about this.

One college library in Minnesota put out a public notice to refuse entry to a cat named Max who stops at nothing to try and enter their institution, probably to read more about mice and yarn.

Apparently, their owner is worried about Max getting himself lost around campus, and the owner didn't want a wandering kitty to disturb their patrons.

However, after a picture of their "Keep Out" poster went viral, people have now started a movement to #LetMaxIn.

It turns out, that a friendly cat is exactly what students want to hang around when they are studying. In fact, Max is already quite the avid learner.

Some library enthusiasts have even gone through the trouble of helping Max legitimize his craving for knowledge!

So will Max end up being allowed back into the library? Only time will tell "fur" this inquisitive soul!

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