"Teen Mom" Star Posts Update After Being Released From Hospital


Teen Mom is never short on drama. Whether it's cast members getting fired, battling for custody of their kids, or being accused of giving their kids an eating disorder, these moms have a lot on their plates.

Catelynn Baltierra, the only mom from the original cast to give up her child for adoption, has had her fair share of struggles in the past. The 26-year-old has been in and out of rehab to help battle her suicidal thoughts. She also suffered a miscarriage, which sent her into depression.


However, Catelynn seemed to be on the road to recovery and good health after a few setbacks, and fans were thrilled that she and her husband, Tyler, were progressing.

I love you and can't wait to see you today ❤️ @tylerbaltierramtv

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However, fans were given a scare when Catelynn posted a picture of herself in the hospital. The reality star shared that she had fallen down some steps and was in "so much pain," but she didn't say just how bad the accident was.

Luckily, a few hours later, Catelynn posted an update on her status, saying she can put a little pressure on it.

She also posted a picture of her crutches, saying that a busted foot wasn't going to stop her from getting her nails done.

Shoot 💅🏼💅🏼💁"â™€ï¸

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Thankfully, this hospital visit wasn't too bad and was unrelated to her mental health issues. Catelynn herself voiced concerns that Tyler would leave her if she checked herself back into rehab.

"It's super hard for me to tell you this thing so just keep an open mind," Catelynn said through tears on an episode of Teen Mom. "I started to have really bad anxiety in the mornings. I guess I've just been hiding it or I'll take like a half of Ativan just to make it through the first half of the day. I just feel like I'm letting people down for some reason."


"It's my own s--t and it's just coming out when things go on in life, that's how trauma works. So it's nothing to do with you, you are awesome, you're supportive," she continued. "I didn't even want to tell you that I thought about going back to treatment cause I was like 'I wouldn't blame Tyler,' like, it's your say if you want to just divorce me."

It was quite the opposite, in fact. Tyler has been nothing but supportive of his wife and her mental health struggles. Though he admits it's hard to sometimes be a single parent to the couple's young daughter, Nova, he knows Catelynn needs to get better.

He even called out a Twitter troll who said that people with mental health issues shouldn't have kids.

"So everyone who has a mental health issue shouldn't be allowed to have children & experience the most beautiful thing this life can give you?" he asked. "It's the same as telling someone who has diabetes or any manageable condition, that they shouldn't have kids. I highly disagree with that!"

While the Teen Mom couple may not be perfect, they are certainly showing everyone what it's like to work at a relationship and keep their family together.

We're glad that Catelynn's hospital visit wasn't serious and that she's still moving forward with her health!

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