25 Celebrities Who Are Turning 50 in 2018, Even Though They Don't Look Like It

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Just like how we grow old with our friends, our favorite celebrities from our younger years (who honestly felt like our friends) have grown older with us too.

Achieving this new milestone means for many an age of enlightenment, personal independence, and possibly a little more financial freedom.

Here are 25 famous celebrities who are turning 50 in 2018. Time flies so fast! Will you be celebrating with them?

1. Guy Fieri

The man whose job we all envy is turning 50 on January 22. I'm sure the food will be great.

2. Sarah McLachlan

Sarah, we will remember you on your special day. The singer-songwriter is turning 50 on January 28.

3. Daniel Craig

Our beloved '007' actor won't be back to play the iconic character of James Bond, he'll be celebrating his 50th birthday on March 2 instead.

4. Molly Ringwald

It's been awhile since Molly starred in Sixteen Candles, now your favorite '80s teen film star is turning 50 on February 18. Time flies!

5. Carrie Ann Inaba

The Dancing with the Stars judge celebrates her special day on January 5. She doesn't look a day over 30!

6. Lisa Marie Presley

Elvis Presley's only offspring is turning 50 on February 1.

7. Cuba Gooding Jr.

The actor and comedian celebrates his birthday on January 2.

8. Jeri Ryan

Jeri celebrates her new milestone on February 22.

9. Kenny Chesney

The country singer will be singing a sweet tune on March 26 for his birthday.

10. Lucy Lawless

The Xena: Warrior Princess turns 50 on March 29.

11. Celine Dion

Celine Dion's heart will go on as she celebrates her big day on March 30.

12. Ashley Judd

Wish the actress a happy birthday on April 19!

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