"CelloGraff" Is The Newest Grafitti Trend That Will Have You Losing Your Mind

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Graffiti is one of those art forms that you either love or hate. Many people see it as a beautiful expression of creativity and talent, while others look at it and see nothing more than hooligans causing trouble while defacing public property.

Wherever you happen to stand on the issue, you have to admit one thing, some of these artists have some major freaking talent to be able to do some of the things they do. Graffiti has evolved over the decades with new trends sparking up every few years, and the newest trend is really quite awe-inspiring. It's called CelloGraff, and it has artists doing their work on layers of see-through plastic wrap in natural environments.

One of the leaders in this new form of "graff" is Russian born Evgeny Ches, who has been taken the art to another level.


The art form involves stretching industrial grade cellophane wrap between two supports and painting your image on the created surface. It has the effect of making the art look like its actually sitting there in real time.

Ches also hopes that this new style of work will stop people from putting up inferior pieces on buildings and bridges so as not to "spoil" the walls.

My Modern Met

If you walk up on one of these pieces of work unexpectedly, you might find yourself shocked into thinking the animal is standing right in front of you.

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