Health Officials Issue New Warning About Cellphones That Reveals Just How Dangerous They Really Are

We are all guilty of doing it, but apparently it's something that is a lot more harmful than we thought. Keeping your phone in your bed is convenient, but the benefits do not outweigh the risks. Even though you think you are just answering emails or playing games late into the night, you are actually increasing your risks for cancer, reproductive issues and even damaging your mental health.

How is this possible if it's just a little phone? Well, research has shown that keeping your phone within an arms distance away while you sleep actually exposes you to radiation. This exposure comes from your cell phone transmitting low frequency radio signals.

The evidence mounting against the phones will make you a little bit more unsure about keeping your phone under your pillow. The California Department of Health is warning people that these radio frequencies are not only dangerous for you, but it actually can hurt your kids as well. Here's how it's harming your children and grandchildren...

It's very common these days for kids to own cell phones, but parents need to make sure they provide good enough restrictions to help keep their children safe. Cellphone exposure has been linked with tumors growing on ears and in the brain. But now, they are more concerned with the fact that children's brains are a lot more susceptible to the radiation than adults.

The research is scarce, but so far studies have found that sleep, mental health and attention lowers in those who use their cell phones in bed. Some places have actually banned cellphones to try and lower the risk of radiation for children. In France, cellphones are now banned from primary and middle schools to try and improve the children's mental health as well as limit the radiation.

While children are a top concern, researchers have also discovered that adults are facing other issues. Many people keep their cellphones in their pockets, but apparently men who do this actually have the lower sperm counts making it a lot harder to have children.

The new guidelines sent out by the California Department of Health state that you should keep your phone out of your pockets and instead keep them in a bag. At night, you shouldn't keep them on nightstands or under pillows, but instead place them across the room.

You should be especially cautious of your phone when you have two or fewer bars or when you are downloading or streaming large files.

Do you keep your phone in your pocket or in your bed? Make sure you let your kids know that it's not safe to do so.