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Cemetery Custodian Charged After Improperly Burying Bodies For Cash

The Scottish Sun/Wikimedia Commons

When a loved one passes away you are left with a ton of grief as well as a laundry list of things that must be done in order to have them put into their final resting place. It is a time where trust and empathy reign supreme.

Unfortunately for 13 unsuspecting victims they were left to deal with William Henderson of Mount Vernon Cemetery in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Scottish Sun

This class-A dirtbag scammed his 13 victims out of a total of a total of nearly $20 thousand over the course of nine years. He was recently sentenced to serve 16 months in prison for his crimes.

The scam was as cold-hearted as you can get. He would sell grave plots that either didn't exist or had already been legally purchased by other people, and then bury the bodies in existing graves, on top of their current occupants.


On top of the 16 months in prison Henderson was also ordered to pay back the full amount of cash that he accepted from families to the Catholic archdiocese. The archdiocese is currently working with the families that were victimized in order to try and rectify this terrible situation.  

A spokesman for the archdiocese said: “Willie Henderson’s criminal activities were a betrayal of the trust put in him by the Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh but also, and more disturbingly, a betrayal of the trust put in him by families who were grieving and vulnerable – that’s why his crimes and so reprehensible and so regrettable.”

According to police reports, at no point during the investigation or court proceedings did Henderson show any remorse for his crimes. Seriously dude, there are some low things that you can do for money, this has to be up there on that list. You got less than you deserved.

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