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Walmart Has Brought Back The Christmas Decoration We All Had

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We've all got Christmas decorations that have been passed on from generation to generation. My Nanny used to make beautiful handmade tree ornaments and every year we still take them out to hang on the tree. There is just something so special about sentimental treasures that outweigh everything we buy at the store.

One decoration I will always remember is my Nanny's ceramic tree. It had lights on it and as a kid, I would be mesmerized by them every year. The small ceramic tree was a staple for as long as I can remember. It ended up getting lost in a move, and it's something that always makes me sad to think about. This centerpiece that we so dearly loved would be gone forever.

But even though the original tree is gone, Walmart is doing its best to bring back our family magic. They're currently selling a series of ceramic trees, and they look just like the one my Nanny had.

Rose Gold Tree

This one is what you'd call "on trend" right now. The rose gold color is extremely popular, and it adds a modern look to a vintage decoration. I love it!

Pink Tree

Do you remember in A Charlie Brown Christmas when Linus and Charlie Brown go shopping for a tree? They're surrounded by a bunch of colorful trees, and this pink one would fit right in! This would make a great gift for a granddaughter's first Christmas.

Ready-To-Paint Tree

Calling all you crafty people out there: you get to paint this tree yourself! Pick whatever colors and patterns you want, just make sure you have a fun time doing it. This would be a great Christmas Eve activity with the grandkids.

Classic Tree

A green tree...what a novel idea! This isn't the exact tree my Nanny had, but it's pretty close. If you're looking for a subtle yet beautiful addition to your Christmas decorations this year, I think you've found it!

White Tree

Don't get confused, the white tree is not the same as the ready-to-paint tree. This one is meant to stay bare, and has the coating to prove it. Much like the rose gold tree, this one is a little bit more modern, but would be a great fit in a snowy village display.

Large Retro Tree

Okay, now THIS is the tree I remember!! It's like they went back in time and duplicated the one my family loved so much. The star, the lights, the color... It all brings back memories to being a kid on Christmas morning and being more interested in the twinkling lights than anything under the tree.

All of these trees are available at Walmart, and they're sure to get your guests talking. Odds are, everyone has had one of these in their lifetime. Now it's time to find out who!

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