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Charlie Daniels Shared A Conspiracy Theory About Taco Bell That Has Everyone Laughing

Charlie Daniels - Twitter / PopSugar

Well Charlie Daniels went down to Taco Bell and he was looking for a snack to steal.

He was in a bind and was way behind, so he tried to order his meal.

But it seems the country star was rubbed the wrong way by the fast food chain's new ads, and he wasn't afraid to share his concerns with fans on social media, even if his conspiracy theory doesn't quite add up.

The country singer says Taco Bell's ads are no laughing matter.The Charlie Daniels Band

For years, Daniels has been outspoken about his belief in the "Illuminati," a secret society of the world's most wealthy and powerful people. Daniels, and other true believers like himself, say that this secret group is working to destroy our planet and advance their own agenda.

But most people realize the Illuminati is just a conspiracy theory, and pretty a silly one to boot. Which explains why the country singer's fans had a good laugh over his warning about Taco Bell's latest ad campaign.

The commercials feature "the Belluminati," a shadowy group who use the "powerful connection between the dollar and Taco Bell" to advertise the fast food chain's new dollar menu.

But Daniels either didn't get the memo or didn't appreciate the joke, because he called out the restaurant on social media.

"Hey Taco Bell," he tweeted, "the Illuminati is not a frivolous subject."

But even if there's no proof the Illuminati exists, there are still lots of famous believers of the popular conspiracy theory.

Fans of the "the Devil Went Down to Georgia" singer are used to him discussing rumors about the Illuminati.

The Famous People

In the past, Daniels has tweeted that the planet's elites are trying to build a "one world government" to control the world's population. In one Facebook post about the conspiracy, Daniels even name-checked a popular Taco Bell product, admitting "the whole enchilada is a little too much for me to swallow."

Despite that, Daniels says he has "some very deep suspicions about people who operate behind the scenes and have undue and unmerited influence in the halls of power of the international political scene."

He's not the only celebrity who thinks the truth is out there. Stars like Roseanne Barr and Whoopi Goldberg have questioned everything from the truth about "chemtrails" to whether or not the moon landing was faked.

As for Daniels and his theory about Taco Bell, it seems like his fans aren't taking him too seriously.

"Charlie how do you know Taco Bell isn't a part of the Illuminati, making commercials mocking it to throw you off from the fact that they are a part of it? Explain THAT to me," one joked.

$1 tacos? I want to believe...

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