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Princess Charlotte Made History When The Third Royal Baby Arrived

She's two years old and she just broke a Glass Ceiling that's existed for nearly 1000 years.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's second child, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, is only two years old, but her charm has no bounds.

From saying her first words in public while on a Royal Tour with her parents, to upstaging her aunt Pippa Middleton, at her own wedding, Charlotte is already stealing all the attention away from the other members of the royal family.

Kate and Charlotte at Pippa's wedding

They all claimed that the little girl loves to take charge over her older brother, Prince George.

Princess Charlotte
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With the birth of the new baby, Charlotte has cemented her "Boss Lady" credentials. While the new heir is an exciting event for the royal family and their fans, William and Kate's third baby's birth is especially significant.

Since the very first King of England, the law has stated that male heirs come before female ones.

Will, Kate and Prince George as a newborn

The only reason why this rule did not apply to Queen Elizabeth II when she ascended to the throne was because her father, King George, did not have any sons.


However, Will and Kate wanted their first child to have an equal change of becoming ruler, so the law was changed.

Since their first child is a boy, the law didn't lead to any changes, but now that Kate welcomed a new baby boy into the world, Charlotte is officially the first woman to rank ahead of a male heir!

Kate and Princess Charlotte
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Princess Charlotte will maintain her position as fourth in line to the throne while the new baby will sit at fifth.

Princess Charlotte
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Here's to the new royal baby, and here's to Princess Charlotte, boldly going where no toddler has gone before!

See Prince George and Charlotte meet their younger brother here:

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