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Check Your Attic! These 13 Retro Toys Are Worth A Lot Of Money

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When we were young, we loved our toys because of the happy times we spent with them. But as adults, the thrill of collecting toys comes with the chance to make a lot of money. It turns out just about everyone has that one toy they're nostalgic about, and true collectors will pay a lot to get their hands on that special piece.

If you threw out all your old action figures or dolls, you might kick yourself after reading this list and seeing just how much they could be worth today.

There's no guarantee - the market is always changing, and you need to keep your toys in good condition - but if you still own one of these classic toys you could be sitting on a gold mine.

1. Hot Wheels Cars

Other toys are worth more, but if you still own a large Hot Wheels collection it's worth checking for some rare cars. Unique variants in the main set of the popular toy cars can fetch hundreds of bucks among collectors. Check for the 1970 Red Baron, because there are lots of errors and variants that could make it worth more.

2. Original Transformers Toys

There have been dozens of sets of these popular toys, but the original set of transforming robots could be a lottery ticket in disguise. The first generation of Soundwave figures can easily sell for over $100, while a full set of the original robots in good condition can easily break $40,000.

3. Beanie Babies

We've written before about how these adorable plush toys are worth a bundle these days. Even if you don't have any of the rare or limited edition toys, you could be in luck. Some Beanies, like Claude the Crab, have errors on their tags that drive up their value.

4. LEGO Trains

LEGO sets are popular, trains are popular, it seems like these toy sets were a match made in heaven. Even recent sets sell on ebay for hundreds of dollars, but if you have a retro LEGO set from the 80s tucked away you could easily sell it for a few hundred dollars.

5. Stadium Events For the NES

Remember playing this back in the 1987? Probably not. The game was recalled and re-branded as World Class Track Meet, making Stadium Events the rarest game for the original NES. Nobody knows exactly how many copies are out there, but the game has sold for more than $35,000.

6. Mego Pocket Super Heroes

Before action figures could talk or use their kung-fu grip, these simple toys that could bend at the waist were popular. You could originally buy both Marvel and DC heroes for just $1.66, but with the slew of popular movies a Mego hero in good condition can sell for over $100.

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