Chef Ina Garten Reveals The 4 Foods She Will Never Eat

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As a successful chef and host of one of the longest running shows on Food Network, Ina Garten has created and sampled countless dishes, but there are still some foods that make her look the other way.

The Barefoot Contessa recently sat down with Time magazine for a candid interview during which she revealed some interesting details about her culinary preferences, drink of choice, and the one recipe she struggles to perfect.

If you've paid close attention to the meals Ina whips up for Jeffrey, you'll notice that there's one ingredient she NEVER uses in her recipes. Can you take a guess?

It's cilantro! While lots of chefs love to use the herb for flavor or garnish, Ina absolutely hates it.

"I just won't go near it,” she told Time.

We can definitely understand her disdain for cilantro because for some, the overpowering herb can supposedly taste soapy.

If there's anything the Hampton-based chef hates more than cilantro, it's dishes with anatomical features.

"I'm not big on things with eyeballs," Ina said. She didn't delve into a detailed explanation of what this constitutes, but we'll go ahead and assume that fish head and spit fire roasted animals are off the table.

The queen of comfort cooking has two more culinary faux-pas on her list. Click on the next page to find out what they are.

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