Did You Get Mad Just Looking At This Picture? You Might Have A Medical Condition

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I don't have a lot of pet peeves, but if there's one thing that is guaranteed to drive me up the wall, it is noisy chewers.

Growing up with a dad and brother who always felt the need to let everyone around them know that they were gnawing on food, I always complained, but everyone else thought I was just being complicated.

It wasn't until recent studies found that the inability to stand loud chewing is an actual condition, that my family started to believe that I wasn't just being annoying.

Officially known as misophonia, this extreme sensitivity to common sounds more often than not triggers feelings of panic and rage in people who suffer from it.

According to Harvard Health, those who showed signs of misophia also had "much greater physiological signs of stress," such as increased heart rate and sweat. Researchers also revealed that the condition "usually appears around the age of 12" and since there isn't a lot of research on it yet, it "likely affects more people than we realize."

Now, another study about misophoia has emerged and its results are very concerning. Not only does the condition affect your mealtime, it can have an impact on another aspect of your life: information retention.

Published in the Applied Cognitive Psychology journal, the study's goal was to determine whether or not people with sensitivities to sounds like chewing have trouble learning.

So what's the verdict?

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