Why Chewing Gum Is Bad For Your Breath But These Foods Will Improve It

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Why Chewing Gum Is Bad For Your Breath But These Foods Will Improve It

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If you've ever been worried about your breath before a date or an interview then you have probably instinctively reached for a package of gum, just so that people don't automatically run away from your face.  

Unfortunately, that may have just made your problem worse. Most of us have been taught to think that the powerful flavors of different types of gum are enough to mask the smell of bad breath, but it actually does the opposite.

Dentist James Buchanan has studied how gum affects his patients mouths and has discovered that most brands are actually working against what they seemingly advertise.

However, the first clue that this is not the case comes from the high sugar content in gum.

"Mouth bacteria turns sugar in mints to acid which wears down teeth and causes bad breath," says Buchanan.

However, he does mention that sugar-free gums can help, but there are even better ways of fixing your bad breath with these delicious foods!

So if gum is out of the question, how do you make sure no one runs away screaming when you open your mouth?

Turns out, snacking may be your best option. Having yogurt in the morning actually helps clean your mouth out of bacteria and freshens your breath with lively scents.

Fruit is also a great way to tone down breath odor, and both celery and apples are the best, since their high water content helps wash away food particles stuck on your teeth and gums.

Next time you're worried about your breath, reach for a snack instead of the pack!

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