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Mom Urges Parents To Check Their Kids' Lunchboxes After Gross Discovery

Grace Bollen/Facebook

While some people people may say Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, plenty of parents will argue back-to-school season takes the top spot.

But with a new school year comes new school supplies, including a new, fresh lunchbox for your hungry kids.

And although you'd expect their gear to last a substantial amount of time, one mother from New Zealand was horrified to discover what was lurking in her children's lunchboxes.

Grace Bollen revealed on Facebook that she decided to open up a hidden compartment in the lunchbox, only to find it covered in mold.

"So today, something in me prompted me to pry open the glue in the kids lunchboxes. This is what I found. I'm absolutely appalled," Bollen wrote on the social media site.

"I feel awful that my children have been eating lunch out of these," adding that she would hand wash the lunchboxes every night and let them air dry.

"Don't buy any lunchboxes that you can't clean all parts."

Bollen updated her post and said the products were made by Stuck On You and Lunch Box Inc., and were respectively nine and 12 months old.

She said both companies are "working to rectify the problem with the manufacturers [and] make them water tight."

Bollen's Facebook post has already received more than 1,300 shares and 1,600 comments,

"Eek going to check ours when we get home! My son always has apples in his and it doesn't smell bad but has a funny smell so this worries me! I thought maybe the apple had leeched into the silicone somehow," one person wrote.

"I am currently waiting for mine to arrive from this company and now too scared to use it," another chimed in.

"I'm sensing a recall. If everyone who has found mold follows it up the companies will be made to replace once products are redesigned, they just are not safe," a fellow commenter said.

The Director of Lunch Box Inc. said in a statement to Daily Mail  that the company was unaware of the item's defect.

"It's terrible that this has happened - it's complete news to us, we had no idea this was happening before this lady contacted us."

"We've made attempts to speak with the manufacturers because this is awful and we want to find a solution as quickly as possible."

"We need to determine if this is just a bad batch or whether it's a recurring fault in the production process," adding they've received several emails

"We are also working with individual customers to rectify the problem on a personal basis."

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