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China's Mutant Turtle Is Turning Heads (Literally!)

He may not have ninja powers, but a mutant turtle from China's Shanxi province is proving to be just as popular as the film characters he reminds everyone of.

Mr. Wong, who owns a small fish and flowers shop, bought this unique red-eared slider turtle in a bulk order of the Brazilian reptiles. He noticed right away that this little critter was special, with two heads and six legs.

It doesn't seem like he can crawl around any faster than a regular turtle, but the extra limbs don't bother him either.

Watch:Two-headed turtle with six flippers spotted in China

Footage of a two-headed turtle with six flippers born in China has gone viral online. Check out this video, filmed in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province on Saturday, of the turtle with a rare genetic mutation.

Posted by CGTN on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The province's Institute of Medicine and Life says that while the reptile is a little strange, it's totally healthy. And so is Mr. Wong's business.

People have been crowding into his store every day to see this special critter up close. Apparently, it can blink all 4 eyes and move all 6 legs.


Red-eared sliders live for up to 2 decades, so hopefully this reptile celebrity will have lots of years in the spotlight.

Maybe he could even have a cameo in the next Ninja Turtles movie!

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