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Chip and Joanna Gaines Have Already Dropped Hints About Names For The New Baby

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Fixer Upper hosts surprised everyone when they dropped some major news about their family. They're expecting a fifth baby! The new addition joins siblings, 12-year-old Drake, 11-year-old Ella Rose, 9-year-old Duke and 7-year-old Emmie Kay.

Gaines party of 7.. (If you're still confused.. WE ARE PREGNANT) @joannagaines

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While we still don't know if baby Gaines is a boy or girl, the expectant couple has a few suspicions of their own.

An ultrasound of the budding baby had the expectant dad making bets as to the gender for their new addition.

"Chip swears he can already tell it's a boy. Look at the little heartbeat!! 🙌🏽❤️❤️ #5," Joanna wrote in an Instagram post featuring a sonogram.

Considering the couple's current birth order of, boy, girl, boy, girl, a baby boy would seem like the next in line, but this little one could always break the streak.

Whether the nursery is being prepared in a masculine nautical theme or with pink birds and owls, only time will tell.

The couple however, are pretty consistent in their name selection, so that may be less of a surprise.

So far the couple tends to choose one-syllable D-names for boys and two-sylable E-names for girls. That doesn't mean they won't break the pattern with number five, but it does give us a clear place to start guessing names.

Here are a few guesses based on baby name trends and everything we know about Chip and Joanna.

My favorite little cowboy. #dukeman

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Names for Baby Boy Gaines:

David or Daniel: While they may have named their first two boys less traditional names, a classic biblical name wouldn't be out of left field since we know faith is important to the family.

Dominic: Striking a balance between old and new, this name represents Joanna's designs and could be a good fit for the new baby.

Dag: Similar to Drake and Duke, Dag would be a natural addition to the bunch.

Silas: It's always possible that the couple will break the pattern and go with something completely different for their fifth child. Since Chip revealed that the couple conceived the new baby after Johnnyswim's romantic performance at this year's Silobration, it could be a natural choice. 2018 name predictions also forsee names beginning with "S" will be a trend this year.

Johnny: We know the couple selected the name of their eldest son, Drake, after the New York City hotel where they stayed on their honeymoon, they could use the headliner of the show that was responsible for the baby's conception.

Hello there.

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Names for Baby Girl Gaines:

Esther: As a hero in the Old Testament, Esther is a throwback name that we think Joanna would appreciate.

Eleanor: Said to be trending this year, this strong name fits in with the "E" pattern the couple has for their girls.

Enna: Enna is a city in Sicily, a destination that suits the stars' sensibilities.

Ember: Ranking as one of the more popular names, this traditionally masculine "er" ending could make it a strong contender for another Gaines girl.

Delilah: Since breaking from the pattern could happen, they could switch it up and go with a "D" name like her big brothers.

What do you think they will name their new little bundle?

Source: Good Housekeeping