Chipotle Is Giving Away Free Chips and Guac All Week

Chipotle lovers everywhere are about to lose their damn minds.

The Mexican food chain is giving away it's addictively delicious side dish for free, and there's really only one small catch to the offer.

Chipotle is running a promotion called "Spot the Imposter," where customers are encouraged to go the Real Ingredients page on the website. If you can find the "imposter" ingredient on the site, you get a one-time offer for free chips and guac.

Some E Cards

This is all part of a promotion for Chipotle's new menu, which is completely preservative-free. The chain is aiming to simplify their food in order to make it more healthy for their customers. There are just 51 ingredients used in the menu, all of which include no GMOs, organic produce, and hormone-free meat. The tortillas now include just wheat flour, water, canola oil, yeast, and salt.

In the end, it doesn't matter WHY they're giving away free chips and guac. It just matters that they are.

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