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Erik Estrada Stepped Away From Acting, But Not From His "CHiPS" Outfit

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Do you remember watching CHiPS? The hit TV series about California Highway Patrol Officers Jon Baker and Frank 'Ponch' Poncherello gave us entertainment every week for 6 years.

Jon Baker (played by Larry Wilcox) is the one who convinced Ponch to become a motor officer after they were both assigned to the same patrol car. Baker was constantly trying to keep Ponch in line during their time together.

Poncho was played by Erik Estrada, and of the two, he was definitely more of a trouble-maker than Baker.

Wilcox and Estrada were famously close on the show, but outside of CHiPs they never really got along too well. Just recently they reunited on Battle of the Network stars and seemed to have a great time.

While Wilcox continues to work in Hollywood to this day, starring in both TV shows and movies, Erik Estrada has taken a more noticeable step back from the spotlight. His appearance on Battle of the Network Stars was one of the few he's made in the past couple of years, but there's an amazing reason why!

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