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Chiropractors Say These 5 Hacks Will Help You Sleep Better

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We usually hear about the common ways to get a better night's sleep, things such as less stress, less screens, and no caffeine. But we are rarely told about the physical things we can do to get a better sleep. Advanced Health Chiropractic tells us there are ways that we can position ourselves to get a perfect night's rest.

Here are five chiropractic tips for a better night's sleep:

1. Be conscious of your sleeping position.

The worst sleeping position for your spine is sleeping on your stomach as this causes you to twist your head to the side, placing stress on the lower back. Ensure that any position you sleep in, you are positioning your pillow the right way.  

2. Position your pillow right.

If you are a stomach sleeper, as said before, try a different position. This position can cause serious strain on your neck and back. If you can't break away from this position, try a flat pillow under the stomach and pelvis area. A pillow placed under the hips helps reduce strain on the spine. The pillow for the head should be flat.

If you are a side sleeper and you find that you sleep with your arm propped under your pillow, this is a sign that your pillow isn't giving your spine enough support. Try a different type of pillow if you are experiencing this. Use a firm pillow between your knees to prevent your legs from pulling your spine out of alignment. This will reduce stress on your lower back and hips. Also sleep with your knees slightly forward towards your chest. Always use a pillow under the head to keep the spine straight. If you want extra support for your spine, place a smaller pillow or rolled-up towel placed under the waist.

If you are a back sleeper and you often feel pain in your lower back, try placing two pillows under your knees. This helps reduce strain on the lower back. The lumbar spine is flattened; therefore, less force is put on the pain-sensitive joints of the lower spine. Ensure you have a pillow that makes your head and neck level, a pillow that is too flat or thick will cause your neck to strain. This position is said to be the best way to get a good night's sleep.

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