Daughter's "Ingenious" Chocolate Prank Will Have You Reaching For The Brussels Sprouts


My family loves to play little jokes and pranks, but we have one rule we all abide by: don't mess with the treats. After all, on Christmas, chocolate is basically sacred. From the giant cocoa Santas, to the more decadent Ferrero Rocher.

Judy Brown, if you're listening, you are not invited to my house for Christmas.

She is possibly the best prankster I have ever read about, but she broke my family's rule (albeit in hilarious fashion).

She had plenty of time to perfect her prank too, you see it all started in 2016.

Back in the golden year of 2016, Brown placed a Brussels sprout and wrapped it in Ferrero Rocher's iconic golden gilded foil. Her poor, sweet, innocent, unsuspecting father, eager to unwrap the chocolatey goodness, was so disappointed to find an ugly, green Brussels sprout where his treat should be.

From that point on he swore off any chocolates bought by his daughter. So she waited.

And waited.

She told the story of what happened on Twitter and now she likely has a loyal following.

She took 2017 off, to let her father recover from the trauma of the last Brussels sprout prank, and to make him feel more comfortable. Yet 2018 wouldn't be so peaceful.

She sought to make her dad's trust issues deeper, so she went grocery shopping. On the list: chocolate, hazelnuts, Ferrero Rocher's, and Brussels sprouts.

In a plot most foul, Brown dressed up the sprouts to look like the world's best chocolates.

To cement her evil genius status, Brown resealed the box of chocolates. How was her unsuspecting father to know?!

Perhaps operating on instinct, Brown's father didn't open the box when he saw them. I wonder if at this point she started to feel guilty, since clearly her last prank affected him so much.

No, it appears she doesn't feel guilty.

POOR SOUL! Can you imagine the moment you bite into a Ferrero Rocher and it turns out to be a foul, disgusting, bitter Brussels sprout? Treachery!

I'm not a fan of Brussels sprouts and I'm very much a fan of chocolate. That said, this prank is absolutely ingenious. Brown's getting much deserved praise all over the internet, which might give her a reprieve from her father's revenge.

If he does get her back, hopefully we hear about it on Twitter.

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