Chrissy Teigan In Hot Water After Posting Picture With Her Children

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In today's tech-friendly world, parents love sharing pictures of their kids on social media. Whether it be documenting a milestone in their child's life, or just an adorable snapshot of them being goofy, they like to show off the photos with their friends and family.

It's not an exception to us regular folk either. While some celebrities shy away from letting their children be seen in the spotlight, others don't hesitate to share pictures of their kids.

One star in particular is Chrissy Teigen, who often posts pictures of her two children, Luna, two, and Miles, six weeks.

But by doing so, Teigen is opening herself up to mom-shaming, which she has been criticized for before.

This time, Teigen is under fire for posting a picture with her two children, where she is seen holding them in her arms. In her caption, the cook book writer joked about the struggle of taking a nice picture with her children.

"Should I post the one where his head looks unsupported but my face looks good and Luna is over it, the one where his head is supported but my face is just okay and Luna is over it, or him crying and my face looks okay and luna is over it?" she wrote.

While plenty of fans have applauded Teigen for being honest, others have voiced their opinion on how they believed she was making her children feel uncomfortable.

"Better yet leave them at home where no one has to hear them cry!!!" one user wrote.

"Why is that baby out in the sun like that 😭that's why he crying," one commenter said, with another adding, "Poor child is crying & taking in the sun !! sheesh."

But the self-deprecating model wasn't done with sharing more of her zany antics. In a clip posted on Instagram, Teigen showed herself jokingly stealing a bottle of Ouai haircare product by stuffing it in her purse.

Ouai got in on the joke, and replied to Teigen by writing: "Damn next time you need a product just hit us up."

Although negative comments were posted about the video, an overwhelming number of fans loved Teigen's sense of humor.

"Lmao. You are the definition of having fun. Thank you for the hard work of remaining your true self," an Instagram user wrote.

"Can't stop laughing about it, just curious if it didn't fall at all!!!" someone else said, with another adding she was "fabulous" for her post.  

Teigan isn't the only celebrity who's been mom-shamed. Check out these stars and let us know who you agree with:

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