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Christmas Comes Early For Texas Woman Who Wakes Up To Find Her Yard Fully Decorated

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Even if you love the holiday season, chances are there's at least one aspect of it that you could do without. Maybe you're not a fan of all the money you have to spend on gifts for your extended family, or perhaps the onslaught of Christmas carols that seems to start earlier every year does nothing for you (other than give you a headache that is).


For my money, easily the biggest pain of the season is decorating the outside of the house. Every year, it means another trip into the disorganized depths of your basement, a frantic search for whatever box it was that you decided to store the lights in this time, a silent prayer as you plug them in that they're still working even after all this time, and of course, the deluge of cursing that comes as you try to get the lights all up around your house.

The end results almost always look spectacular, but sometimes it's hard not to wonder if maybe it isn't worth all the effort it takes. Wouldn't it be nice if instead of having to go through the whole process every single year, you could just wake up one day and have it all done for you? That'd be living the dream, right?

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Well as it turns out, sometimes dreams actually can come true. A Texas woman recently woke up one morning to discover that Christmas had come early: some unnamed individual had decorated her entire yard in the middle of the night with lights and decorations...

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