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Christmas Travel Tips That Will Help You Avoid Holiday Headaches At The Airport

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It's the most wonderful time of the year, but there are things about the Christmas season that we dread each year too.

Finding parking at the mall, wrapping dozens of Christmas presents, and trudging through the snow all land on our holiday Naughty List. But getting through the airport to visit relatives is the worst of all. Make things easier on yourself this year, by following our advice for a stress-free holiday getaway.

Trip Savvy

To start with, if you haven't checked your family's passports and IDs, do it right now. If you need to update one, time is running out, and you don't want to leave anyone behind this Christmas. If you're leaving town for the holidays you also need to take some precautions.

Ask a neighbor to collect your mail, and maybe even to shovel your walk, or leave a car in your driveway. And avoid posting about your holiday beforehand on social media, because that just makes your house a target for thieves.


You should also warn your bank that you'll be out of town, to avoid any confusion about your credit cards.

Now pack light, print out your hotel's name and address, and head to the airport. That's where things really get tricky.

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