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Church Congregation Helps Struggling Delivery Guy In Beautiful Act

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When you feel like you have hit rock bottom, every little aspect of life can feel like it is dragging you further down into the abyss. But occasionally, something can happen that will give you that little boost you need to keep on pushing through towards the goal of climbing back out into the light.

For 22-year-old pizza delivery driver Jeff Louis from Mentor, Ohio, it was delivery to a local church that helped turn things around for him.

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Jeff has been struggling with substance abuse for some time, but he has been making a concentrated effort to get clean, and get his life back on track. He has been working as a pizza delivery driver for Gionino’s Pizzeria in order to make a living.

One morning in the beginning of January his work called him early to make a delivery to the Point Life Church. Not one to turn down work, Jeff came in and loaded the pizzas up in his car and headed off to make the drop.

When he got to the church, several members of the congregation came out to the street to meet him, and they made a rather odd request of him. They asked that he take one of the pizzas he had brought, and bring it up to the pastor on the stage. As odd as the request was, Jeff had a job to do, so he did it. He had no idea that it would be such a life changing moment for him.

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