Church Forced To Remove "Jesus" From Its Easter Ad, And The Reason Is Baffling

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"On the third day, he rose again," reads the line from the universally recognized Nicene Creed that has served as the foundation for the holiday that we have come to know as Easter.

According to the Creed, it was on that day that Jesus Christ, who previously died on the cross, was resurrected. Believers were given the promise of eternal life since Jesus paid for their sins.

Every year around springtime, Christians commemorate the death of the Savior on Good Friday, then the resurrection of the Savior is marked on Easter Sunday.

Church attendance is usually highest on Easter, and churches always take the time to plan ahead so they can deliver one of the most important services of the year on the holy day.

Many take part in outreach efforts to draw people in. My church has been garnering attention by constantly updating the sign in the front lawn with creative messages that range from serious to slightly humorous.

As long as it isn't rude or offensive, there aren't any rules that need to be followed when creating such signs, but apparently, there are places in which churches can't include certain words, including "Jesus."

Yes, seriously, I wish I was kidding.

You would think that since Easter wouldn't exist without Jesus his name would be included in the acceptable words list, but that's not the case in New South Wales, where a church is caught in the middle of a political correctness controversy.

The reason why the church isn't allowed to include Jesus' name in the sign is actually baffling and infuriating.

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