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City Plans DNA Tests To Catch Dog Owners Who Don't Scoop

It's a problem that leaves communities of dog owners around the world divided. Only half of pet owners say they pick up their dog's poo.

Everything that doesn't get cleaned up causes problems. Neighborhoods tear themselves apart fighting over discolored lawns and it seems like nobody has any solutions. For some people, there are no bylaw fines on Earth that will make them handle their dog's business.

That's why one Canadian city is considering a high tech solution to catch irresponsible pet parents. It's a test straight out of CSI, and it could be coming to your city.

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At a council meeting this week, West Vancouver councilwoman suggest a futuristic DNA test to link dog poo to lazy owners.

“I, as a dog owner, would support this kind of initiative and it may go a long way to ameliorating some of the disharmony in the community around dog ownership,” she said

It may sound crazy, but there are actually many companies offering this service for condos and apartment buildings. Dog owners pay a deposit for their pets, which covers the costs of doggy DNA tests on the property's messes.

It's not clear how this would work city-wide, since the company needs a mouth swab of every dog they suspect.

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In case all of this seems like an overreaction, dog poo can cause some serious risks to the environment.

Anything that isn't scooped finds its way into the water system through nearby drains, lakes or rivers. There, dog poo can help toxic algae grow, killing native fish and spreading dozens of diseases.

American Kennel Club

Doggy doo doo is actually so toxic to the environment that the EPA recommends flushing it so your city's water treatment system can handle it. And not to mention what it does to your lawn.

While nothing is set in stone yet, West Vancouver dog owners should probably start cleaning up before their dog shows up on a wanted poster.

The city is already fining owners $150 for leaving dog mess, and fees might rise if the city has to pay for fancy tests.

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