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21 Cleaning Hacks That Will Transform Your Home

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Everyone loves having a clean home, but doing all the work to get one can be a pain.

If you're looking to cut some of the time, cost, and stress out of your cleaning routine, start with these 21 tips.

1. Bar Keeper's Friend is your friend

This tough cleaning product is a secret weapon. It can keep your pots and pans looking almost new. Just don't use it on any non-stick surfaces.

2. It even works in your shower

The soft liquid version takes the grime off glass shower doors and shower floors.

3. Use alcohol or bleach to get mold off your walls

After a day or so, covering the moldy spot with mold-killing primer should solve the problem. If not, call a professional.

4. Wipe your faucets with wax paper to prevent water spots from building

5. The same trick works for your shower curtain rod

Try it on the metal rod in your closet too. Your hangers will slide across it more smoothly.

6. After doing the dishes, always rub down your sink with hot water and soap

7. If you notice stains on your porcelain sink, you can wipe them off with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Sprinkle the baking soda over the stains, then dab a sponge with the peroxide. The stains should scrub right off.

8. You can make your own Magic Erasers to save money

These products are just blocks of melamime foam, which you can buy in sheets or pre-cut blocks. But be warned: some customers think the brand name version lasts longer.

9. Rust remover wipes away hard water marks in your shower

Use a little Whinks and a damp sponge to clean them up in no time.

10. Here's another solution:

Mix Dawn dish soap and vinegar, then rub the solution on with a Magic Eraser.

11. Windex will clean crayon marks off interior walls

As long as the walls are painted, Windex and a rag work like a charm.

12. You can save a lot of money on cleaning products

Buy an all-purpose cleaning concentrate in bulk, and mix it with water whenever you have a tough mess.

13. Mix cream of tartar and water for cleaning sticky grime

This combination is great for tough, sticky messes, like an office Keurig machine.

14. The key to streak-free floors is your cleaning product

Streaks are caused by the soap in your product, so using all-purpose cleaner with a microfiber mop will keep your floors sparkling.

15. Use an old pillow case to dust your ceiling fan

Envelop the blades in the case and wipe it in one sweep. This prevents dirt from falling into your room.

16. Scrub off stuck-on grease with mineral oil on a cloth

This tip works really well on your stove-top and oven. Just remember to clean off the oil after.

17. Living with a fuzzy screen door?

Roll a lint brush over it to clean out all those little spaces.

18. Here's the best recipe to scrub off shower mildew:

Mix bleach in water, then scrub the messy area with a tough brush.

19. Clean an electric kettle by boiling water with half a lemon

You can also boil an equal mix of water and vinegar.

20. The Magic Eraser is perfect for scrubbing off oven grease and grime

21. Keep your toilet brush smelling fresh

Pour a little Pine-Sol right into the holder. It will help clean the brush too.

Do you have any special cleaning tricks?

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