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Clever Monkeys Are Selling Tourists Their Own Stuff Back [VIDEO]

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We've shared lots of stories that prove animals are just as smart as people, but that's not always a good thing. While some animals want to use their brains for good, there are others who just get into trouble, and when you're dealing with a wild animal that's just as smart as you there's no telling how much chaos they can cause.

The macaque monkeys at Indonesia's Uluwatu temple are a perfect example. For years tourists have flocked to see the temple, which is over 1,000 years old and sits on the top of a 200 foot cliff.

But the clever locals who have adapted to the crowds with ticket booths and snack shacks aren't the only ones taking advantage of clueless tourists.

The temple's monkeys have earned a reputation as very clever, tiny bandits. They love to steal hats off of tourists' heads, along with food and drinks, cameras, and even wads of cash.

But researchers have discovered these monkeys aren't just petty thieves - they're criminal masterminds who hold your designer sunglasses for ransom until they get a snack.

Scientists have even dubbed them the "monkey mafia," and caught them red-handed on video.

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